How are you going to get outdoors this December?

It’s cold outside – low clouds are rolling in. We have hot chocolate, Christmas films on, so why should we go outside? 

This is how we all feel during these Winter months. We want to hibernate and as much as its good for this strange time we are living in, but for our physical and mental health, we should get our winter thermals on and enjoy the fresh air. 

You will not only feel the benefits when you get back in but it will help you to lose the lock down weight both physically and mentally. The endorphins released will give you the boost you need to have more energy for that dreaded family board game monopoly (Covid regulations should be followed).

So why not get the whole family involved and get that stubborn teen out and about. How? 

Christmas Light Tour

Well, as the nights close in fast you could go on a Christmas light tour. When I was young every year throughout December we use to drive around the town looking at what Christmas lights have been put up on peoples houses.

So why not this year do a walking tour of them, you could all rate them out of 10 or pick your best ones and when you get home write them on a pice of paper and draw them out of the hat and see who wins the prize, like a Terry’s chocolate orange. 

Christmas Tree Count Competition

You could compete to see who can see the most amount of Christmas trees by having a buzzer, bell or even an app on the phone that they have to press, to indicate that it is yours. 

Christmas Light Clue Tour

This one would take some preparation but you could create a Christmas clue game where you write clues of where the next set of Christmas lights are and the kids have to work together to work out where they are but when they get to end they could get a prize like a hot chocolate back at home.

This will not only work their minds but it can also start to teach them with map skill if you wanted to take it that far. If you have a teen taking exams and they need to revise you could take them out and every house you come to you read out a revision card and they cant move on without answering it. The possibilities with this are endless.

It’s a good idea to involve the whole family to get outdoors as it allows for conversation and interacting without the distractions of phones, TV , etc. I hope that this helps to get you all out this winter to enjoy what we have on our door steps but for more ideas check out the nature video, as well as other hints and tips to motivate you to get outdoors.  

I hope you have a great Christmas with your families 

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