New DofE after COVID 19

These have been very strange times for everyone but especially for children growing up who have had to miss so much school, friends, exams, clubs etc.

Although parents have done a great job with supporting their children and providing education in many forms as well as running homes defusing their outbursts of needing to socialise with friends and keeping them safe throughout this pandemic. 

It has been difficult for everyone to go through this and now we have to adapt to the new norm, which is something that all of the outdoor industry is doing. 

Certificate of Achievement

Duke of Edinburgh want to allow the students who have worked hard to still be recognised and awarded appropriately and will be awarding a certificate of achievement for students who have completed their Physical, Skill and Volunteering units but due to the pandemic unable to complete their expeditions. 

This is only available until 30th December 2020 and so it should be noted that students must have completed these units my this date. This certificate will allow for the children to not miss out this opportunity and not be punished even further due to this unforeseen circumstances. 

Even if you receive this certificate your child can still complete their expedition and it is something that is recommended. Let’s face it if you have been out and bought the equipment for it and it is a highlight of the award the expedition so it is well worth allowing this to happen, where ever possible.


Not only this but moving forward Duke of Edinburgh revised the way that they run their expeditions by allowing known assessors at all levels to assess groups. The expedition areas are allowed to be closer to home to allow for students to also go home to sleep for the evening after they have completed their cooking for the minimum amount of time. This is only when there is no or not enough indoor accommodation. With this in place allows for vehicles to pick up and drop off children from their start and finish point. As well as that bronze and silver can go back to back to help with the back log of participants and it also allows for the movement forwards and keeping numbers down on expeditions. 

These changes are good as it means that the licensing organisation is able to be more flexible to allow for expeditions to go a head and for the already unsettled students to gain the important development skills from these expeditions to still develop and for them to still socialise with there peers and gain the skills needed in life. 

I hope that LO’s are able to make arrangements for these expeditions and don’t just shy away from them now. 


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