Here are my 8 top tips to get you motivated and active outdoors and into the hills, walking, mountaineering or climbing. 

  1. Treat yourself – A very good friend of mine told me about this one which I think is really effective which is to promise yourself a treat for when you have completed your hike/adventure. As sometimes when you are out you need that bit of motivation and by knowing that at the end of the day you are going to have your favourite pizza or a roast chicken or your own preference such as a hot bubble bath. This will just give you something to look forward to after and adventure filled day. 
  2. Music – This has been something that has been around for a long time now but it is truly a good motivator, in its own right. As by playing certain music can have a physical effect on the body, which in terms of getting outdoors it can be goof to motive yourself when on a long solo hike. It can also be tailored to your own preferences, as to what motivates you. Sometimes the sound of the natural habitat and the birds can be enough for some people, but sometimes you need that extra lift. 
  3. Podcast / Audio book – Very similar to music where you can again tailor it to your needs but listening to a book or podcast can help with motivating you. Depending on the content it could also help to inspire you along your journey, which when you are surrounded by the natural wonders of the world it can really support your growth and determination of your adventure. 
  4. Friends and Family – This is something that we use a lot of when in the outdoors to support with motivation. This is because some journeys and adventure as just amazing to be experienced with someone you love such as amazing views. With every adventure / hike can bring new memories and experiences, why not share them with the special people in your life. It can also help with your moral when you are half way up a mountain and in need of an energy boost, you can laugh and smile at these people and it will automatically boost these energy levels. 
  5. Gadgets / Tech – It amazes me what we can do with technology but it can be a massive help with motivation, such as the ability to count your steps on you various devices such as your phone, fitbit, Apple iwatch or Garmin which in its self can support your motivation to get outdoors and get active. These devices can support you with having virtual competitions with friends and family allowing you to see who can do the most steps etc. This can give you the motivation needed to get outdoors and experience what nature has to offer. 
  6. Groups – Social media can have very mixed results but it can help to find groups and similar minded people to go out hiking with. Most areas have a ramblers FB page which you can join and go out hiking with if you are wanting to go with people. This can help support people with anxiety, disabilities and just for motivation and support. This is a good way to also get to know others from your local community and build solid friendships.
  7. Kit – Sometimes lack of motivation can be that you might not have the right kit and of course when going hiking in more extreme conditions and landmarks it is very important that you have the right level of confidence and kit to deal with it. But if you are just starting out and kit can be something that you build over time. You would just need to basics for just starting out as I would recommend that you start with low level walks/hikes before entering more extreme terrain, But to get started you need some outdoor foot where such as an off trail boot as well as some water proofs. This can be determined by what you can afford and of course you can get some reasonable equipment from sports direct, to get you started.
  8. Weather – I am just the same as most people. I love the sunshine and so to help me get motivated i always check the weather forcast. Now don’t get me wrong as an outdoor person i do like to get outdoors in any weather but some days we need the weather to be kind to give use the motivation. Now to support you getting outdoors you could always plan your week depending on the weather and go out on the better days. This will help with you motivation to getting outdoors and if the weather is good you get to have better views which that its self is a great motivator.  The other motivator as the UK weather is bad most of the time is to ensure you are prepared for the weather, by making sure you have your waterproofs or layers, as this will also ensure that you are warm when you are out in the rain and support your motivation that your not going to get wet.

These are my top 8 tips which help me get motivated to get outdoors. I hope that they help you and support you with getting outdoors on more adventures.

If you are motivated but need more hints and tips to get you out into the mountains then you can check out either my hints and tips video clips or my Instagram page or Facebook Page to support you and your adventures out walking, hiking, climbing or anything outdoors.

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