Top 10 Wild Wee Tips for Women

When it comes to the outdoors there is one thing that i get asked about all the time, from women to teenage girls doing their Duke of Edinburgh and it’s: Where do you go for a wee?

My answer to this has always been, you go for a wild wee. To which they tend to pull a face but it is natural for the human body. All be it you look like a meerkat when hiding behind a bush.

So here is my top tips for a wild wee:

  1. Time – Spend time looking for the right spot along your journey / walk or hike. You want to look for a spot which is more hidden away if possible. Or something that you can hid behind such as a tree or thick bush. The more angles it covers the better. If your still worried about the front you can tie a jumper round your weight to cover the front.
  2. Stingers – After finding a spot which covers and many sides as possible you also want to check the area that you are go to wee in. As nobody wants a branch or a stinger, singing the more delicate areas.
  3. Ground Check – So once you have checked for branches, you then want to check the ground surface. You are looking to see if there is any hard ground or rocks which can cause back splash. This is the last thing want to deal with. As well as checking to see which was the ground slops, as ideally you want this the slop away from you so that it will drain away from your boots. You don’t want pee on your boots.
  4. Ledge Weeing – You could look for a rock or ledge to pee off this will support you with some of the ground issues. Just make sure that if you are weeing of a ledge that no one is below you, especially when climbing.
  5. Wind – You also want to make sure your spot in not into the wind, as you want to be as sheltered as possible. As you really don’t want a wet bum from the wind.
  6. Find a Friend – If your nervous about going for a wee in the wild, you can always get your friend to go with you. This will work if you wee back to back as this can then ensure that no one is coming from both directions. Just make sure that you have space between you and that the surface is flat, as you done want your friends wee on your boot.
  7. Its all in the Squat – The right position is something that you may need to practice before heading out, as its all in the squat. You want to bring your trousers down to just below your knees. Then split your feet wider than your shoulders. If possible you want to get as low as you can and stick your bum out backwards.
  8. Periods – While wild weeing is natural but tampons are not. So it is important that we respect our environment and leave no trace by bagging it up and disposing of it correctly. There are some eco friendly products out there on the market and we should all be investing in these, anyway. But for the outdoors is it something that i would highly recommend to explore these products as an outdoor women.
  9. Its all in the shake – So at the end of your wee it is best to shake off the excess with a little booty wiggle, before reorganising your undergarments. If you want to use a wipe or toilet paper as i have said previously you must be prepared to bag it up and dispose of it correctly.
  10. Finishing up – So once you have booty shake it is just as important to ensure you dress yourself and to watch where you stand, as you haven’t just gone through all them stages to right at the end stand in your own pee.

This is my top 10 tips to support you wonderful women to get outdoors and when nature calls you are able to successfully go for a wild wee without getting it in places you shouldn’t. A wild wee has some of the best views you could ever ask for when you find the right spot and enjoy the nature around you.

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