Human Nature Vs Visible Nature

As the coronavirus hit and put many people out of work. One afternoon out of boredom i decided to go for a walk and a Starbucks (when they were still open) to stay in the present moment and to clear my thoughts.

After collecting my Starbucks and standing on the veranda looking at the beach and out to sea just enjoying the sound of the waves crashing on the beach and watching the holiday makers enjoying them selfs. I decided to go for a walk along the beach.

As i walked along the beach enjoying the turquoise blue of the ocean even on what was a cloudy day in Dibba (Dubai). The longer i walked along the beach and being in the present moment, my eyes became wider, as i noticed the amount of trash that started with just one or two items to bigger dumped glass bottles, plastic plates between the rocks.

Right then in that moment i knew that was what i doing which is seen within society as a very normal thing to do, was causing all these issues with plastic and us humans accepting the unacceptable.

Who is responsible for this?

Well it is clear that it is us humans who put it there, now it is not you personally or some of the generation living now that are solely responsible. As this has happened over time and through this time it has gotten worse because we accept that it is there. We even develop more of it for our own convenience.

So during this time where we are locked down and only go out for walks once a day and embrace the natural beauty we have around us, no matter where that is in the world. Every bit of trash will be affecting our planet and we have a duty to moan about the unacceptable and allow it to happen or we can be apart of making it better.

So with this coronavirus affecting everyone we have a chance to clean up out part of the world, making it a better place so that we can enjoy what is around us with out thinking turning our nosies up at it and complaining about it and just accepting what is clearly the unacceptable.

Obviously you need to stay safe while you do this. Advising the right protective equipment such as litter pickers to avoid unnecessary contact.

What did i do?

Well after that realisation, i went back the next day the the beach with a friend Rachy. We spent half a day cleaning the beach, collecting as much trash as possible.

It was amazes me what people leave behind and get washed up on the beach. We collected nappies, no end of glass bottles, flip flops, plastic bags and lots of cigarette butts just to name a few items.

What we did find really disturbing was that some of this trash was right next to crab holes. This meant that these crabs were living within this trash and we as humans don’t want to live next to trash, so why should they.

Trash next to the crab hole

Removing the trash from the beach and next to the crab holes felt very rewarding that we had just made their home that bit nicer and safer for them. This is something that we would be doing if we picked it up around our local areas.

What did this mean?

So i am not delusional to think that we made a massive impact on the world as what we did wasn’t even a drop in the ocean for the amount of trash that is in the ocean, woods, felids, streets, towns etc. What i did realise from doing that was that it didn’t matter where you are in the world but that you can make a difference, instead of turning a blind eye and accepting the unacceptable.

I think the saying goes ‘be part of the solution or become part of the problem’. This is so true in all walks of life but especially with this and educating the generations below us to care about the world and beauty around us otherwise we will lose it.

I hope that this has inspired you to look after the beauty around by you and enjoying the outdoors and to encourage you to get outdoors more into what is a very safe place made safer by making an impact.

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