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In this video I’m joined by Linda who talks about water and bag sizes for different types of days out. There’s loads of information in this video, so be sure to watch and rewatch and take notes!

Just to go over some of the information in the video. Firstly it is important to drink plenty of water when you are going out on adventures / hikes. This is to prevent you from getting dehydrated and able to keep your energy levels high throughout your hike. The reason why this is important is because if you have to navigate, you need to be able to stay focused and have the ability to think clearly to make the correct decisions.

The other information in this video is about having the right size bag now this comes down to the type of expedition you are partaking in as to what size bag you need. For example if you are hiking on very flat ground such as no higher than 6oom for 1-4 hours (a day) you would only need a 25lt rucksack this would be enough for your water, food, extra layer, fist aid kit etc. But if you were planning an expedition for over night you would properly need 40-60lt rucksack depending on the size of your kit, to hold a tent extra food and water and extra layers. (key point that Linda made was only pack what you need!!!).

If your rucksack is too big for you then it will result in a bad experience and possible injuries. Please check out my other blogs about rucksacks and fitting.

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