Society’s System

Over recent years it has become more apparent that the influence of society’s perception of how we should live our lives places us into a system, that only when we are in that system, we are unsure of how we got there or two don’t know how to get out.

I’m sure you know of the system that I am talking about, the one that says you should get a full time permanent job, you should get a house, get married, have kids, have the perfect life on social media (this is talked about more now, although it still influences how we should live our lives). Not that there is anything wrong with this type of lifestyle but that one shoe size doesn’t fit everyone, something that I know all to well about as, I was in that system and to give some of you hope you can change it or you can get out if you are unhappy.

I was influenced to do all my studies such as college, university and during that academic time in my life and like in many universities they push you to the academic jobs. Not that it is a bad thing as this world needs people in all walks of life and they are just as important as each other as everyone in this world is equal. We all enter this world with nothing and we all die in the end usually with debt of some sorts, so we are all equal in my eyes. All I am saying is that I broke out of the mundane routine and did what made me happy, which is something that we should all do regardless of what makes us happy (just as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone else of course).

So…The long and short of it I was in a long term relationship where we got married which was a wonderful day to what seemed like the perfect man. To which he still is a good man. After we were married we fall back into the same routines and after some thought and having an opportunity to see another life this had me thinking about what I wanted and if the life I had gave me the freedom to be more adventurous and enjoy what life had to offer again. To which it didn’t. I then split from my husband at the time and what was a very painful process, but I knew I was doing right by us both even though I was hated by some and I lost what was now family members and friends I had to rebuild my life again.

Something that sounds easier said, than done. I moved house closer to where I worked, I was still in the same job teaching secondary school children, which I loved to do and as you are all aware teaching also has its routines. So with much debate and consideration I then after less than a year I decided that I would change my job too. I was in search for the things that I loved to do when I was a child and now in adulthood. I fell back to what I have always loved the outdoors. Where as a kid I use to run around outdoors and be on my bike and I use to love it. So as I had been teaching Duke of Edinburgh I decided that the outdoors was the way forwards.

You see sometimes the things that you did as a child can help and support you with your future and tell you what you enjoy and what puts a smile on your face and ultimately what makes you happy. So this is how I broke out of the system. At the time people were very negative about my decision and saying that you earn so much money and that I was throwing it away, they said that it wouldn’t work and that I would go back to where I started. I have learnt that these people were either narrow minded and are stuck in that system or that they are truly happy with the way that live their life and see that others should do the same as them. But the people who supported my move and drive to do something different saw that the system had taken its toll on me and that I should be able to live in a way that makes me happy.

So regardless of what people think do the things that make you happy and if you’re not happy you should have the courage no matter how hard that decision is to make you happy. Its what I was told a self – less – act.

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